About Us

kids making artworkALPHABET ZOO II CHILD CARE is a childcare provider based in Cape Coral, Florida. We provide our young generation with quality programs that will address their holistic developmental needs:

  • Early Language Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Physical Development Needs
  • Cognitive Development
  • Executive Function Development
  • Learning Creative Expression
  • Psychosocial Development

In our curriculum, we see to it that these essential facets of development are addressed. We implement an individualized program for each child, and we base the activity plans according to what is appropriate for each age group. The core of the learning approach that we use is to give the child enough time and space to learn on his own. We provide the close guidance and the nurturing environment that will make this possible.

Most importantly, ALPHABET ZOO II CHILD CARE will work with parents in raising well-rounded, creative and responsible children. Raising children is a joint effort and your cooperation as parents is invaluable in your child’s growth.

Call us at 239-542-3938 and speak to our administrator. You can also visit us and see the place for yourself. Schedule a tour here.